Who knew? About Fiona and Sue!

I am not sure how long I have known Sue, not quite 2 years yet. By magic we were thrown together, possibly at a low point in our lives. We immediately dove into the deep end, we created a Facebook Book Club for one of our Favourite Authors – Heidi Swain. Interestingly enough, our first Heidi book is the same too, Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair 🎄. We have connected, encouraged and supported each other.

We found something incredibly amazing within the book community. One day we ventured in and asked to be Heidi Swain and Friends, this meant we could also engage openly on other authors publication days. Wow!! Together we have celebrated with our online community, many talented and amazing authors.

On the same day, we both received an email inviting us to blog for Boldwood, still wanting to be together on our journey and continue to grow our bond, we decided it was time for a joint blog. This way, we could and can catch each other and encourage each other in our joint and separate ventures. Did anyone know how amazing Sue is at writing Poems?

There is no I in Team and our individual strengths and visions are what drive us forward merrily. Hopefully for many years to come.

Thank you, reading this for being part of our Journey now, then and in the future.

Much Love, Fiona

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