Unexpected Friendships

So Fiona spoke about how we ‘met’ on her blog. It was pure chance that we both responded to a post from Heidi Swain and it was at that exact moment she asked to set up the group. I put my name forward to help and well the rest was history!

One of the things I love about Facebook is the wonderful friendships it has gifted me. From mums from across the world that I chat with , reconnecting with old school friends, authors who I help with their publishing journey and all the book loving people who share their fantastic book recommendations, I’ve found a tribe of lovely friends who I get to chat with on a daily basis.

So despite the negative things that can occur on social media ( I too have experienced some not so nice moments) on the whole it has improved my life for the better. Who knew that one day I would be chatting with authors, sharing my poetry and sometimes dubious sense of humour via memes on my phone!

Thanks again Fiona for your support and friendship and the golden opportunity you gifted me back in April 2020! Serendipity definitely is our trademark!

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