My Top Ten reads in 2021

I have enjoyed a fabulous year of reading in 2021, so many fantastic books were recommended to me or discovered via Netgalley and some gifted to me by my lovely author friends. Alongside my friend Fiona we have hosted an amazing twenty publication day parties in our book group, Heidi Swain and Friends – A Facebook Book Club! It’s so wonderful to have had the opportunity to be part of a books journey to publication and we feel honoured to be part of the process by supporting their arrival on Facebook 😊📖

It was hard to narrow it down to just ten!

Lotus Jennifer Hartmann

Oh my goodness it’s just such an amazing book! I’m completely blown away by it. Such a beautiful story with some fabulous characters who you just love and want to see happy. Syd is an awesome character you could feel the love she had for Oliver, her hope to see him again shone through. Oliver is an incredible character too, his return to his family and friends was truly amazing and it was really well written how he coped with such a change in his life.
I was absolutely hooked reading this gorgeous book and I’m still reeling from all the emotions it produced.
So so good ❤️

Her Last Chance Alison Ragsdale

I always love Alison’s books, they never fail to touch my heart, and this one certainly did, many times ❤️
Such a beautifully written book that was so incredibly emotional. Yes I cried, many times, however it was also so uplifting and inspiring too, you could not help but will on the characters.
So many times I gasped out loud, and I seriously could not put this book down!
Days later I still think about this gorgeous book and characters, I completely took them to my heart 💜
I’m absolutely sure that this amazing book will feature in my top five books for the year. I just can’t stop thinking about it 💕

A Seaside Escape Lisa Hobman

Oh my goodness not only did I fall in love with this gorgeous emotional story, I also fell head over heels with the gorgeous, brooding Greg!
Both main characters were just so well written, you could feel their heartbreak and just wanted them to heal. It was so uplifting watching them support each other and to see them connect through their individual losses.
At times I struggled to read, tears poured out as they discussed their losses. However it was so beautifully written that I couldn’t stop reading!
So happy that I have discovered another fantastic author, whose books and characters touch my heart 💜

Waiting Since Forever Kiltie Jackson

This fantastic book ticks so many of my things that I enjoy in a book list!
I love books about travelling, so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to join Clarissa, Essie and Gerald on their epic adventure around the UK.
I love books with characters that discover an inner strength that they didn’t realise they had, and this gorgeous book has three brilliant characters who do just this!
I love books with humorous characters who are real and believable, and who I instantly want to know better and actually care about. I could relate to many of the emotions the characters went through on their journey, it was incredibly uplifting to read their stories and see how by a serendipitous moment, their lives were changed forever ❤️
It was such a pleasurable read and I would really love to find out what happens next for them, I love how Kiltie’s books always makes me feel like the characters are my friends! It’s certainly been one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year 💕

The Secrets of Hawthorn Place Jenni Keer

This book seriously ticked so many of my “what I love in a book list”, it’s such a brilliant storyline and idea, so different and a little quirky, it’s what I enjoy to read – I adore books that are a little magical and mysterious.
Straight away I was caught up in the duel timeline stories, and I liked how they flowed between the past and present happenings.
Molly at the start isn’t someone I particularly liked, but as the book progresses I found myself becoming attached to her and by the end I was definitely a fan. It was a clever story that intrigued me and had me thinking about the characters, even when I had dragged myself away from reading it!
I won’t go into much detail, there are secrets that you have to find out as you read, and I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of finding them out!
Just to say that this book was perfect for me, and I just love it so so much!

Everything is Yours Abigail Yardimci’s

This series of beautiful books have completely captured my heart and mind. I was so excited for the finale and I was not disappointed at all with the conclusion of this epic story!
Once again I was absolutely engrossed in Jess’s story, I couldn’t put the book down!
Although my life isn’t exactly like Jess’s, I feel that I have shared some similar experiences and I have a real connection to her in these books. Reading her experiences and seeing her approach to dealing with them in such positive ways has inspired me to view my life and experiences in a new way. This book has given me such a wonderful experience, and I know that I will be revisiting the books to get my uplifting inspiration moments whenever I need them. It’s not a self help book but it has given me the skills to find the positivity in my life and past happenings.
Once again serendipitous moments came along with the story, some real gasps of surprise when things linked to Jess’s past come back into her life. I loved taking this journey with all the amazing characters in the book.
Just utterly gorgeous!

A Taste of Home Heidi Swain

Yet another glorious book from the Queen of feel good and friendly community settings! From the first page I was drawn into the story of Fliss and her new life and family in the beautiful setting of Wynbridge. It was brilliant to see her embrace her opportunities with her Grandad and to find herself falling in love with her family roots and a whole new lifestyle.
As always there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you enthralled and entertained, as well as colourful characters, old and new to meet.
I always find myself longing to visit this amazing community, Heidi really brings the place and people alive with her amazing writing and I’m already longing to return back to my home from home with the next book from this idyllic place! ❤️

An Ordinary Life Amanda Prowse

Molly certainly does not have an ordinary life! She is a remarkable and engaging character, who swiftly becomes under your skin. I simply could not stop reading this enthralling book and was blown away by the bravery and determination of Molly. Set in World War Two, she shows that she is an extraordinary woman who is willing to fight for what she loves, despite the terrible things that befall her. Her resilience is inspiring and on many occasions I found myself in tears for her and the difficult decisions she was compelled to make.
Such an emotional book, it was such a page turner and totally had me absorbed from the first page.
I love historical fiction and I love an emotional journey, this book ticked so many of my boxes for both of these, it’s brilliant!

Behind Picketwire M Day Hampton

The cover of this book caught my eye ages ago, it was a book I kept meaning to read for many months, I am pleased to say that it was most definitely was worth reading and I wished I’d picked it up sooner! This beautiful story really took me on a journey of emotions, there were so many little twists and moments that captured my imagination and kept me entertained throughout the book.
I loved how the author starts you off with a gruff character that you feel rather indifferent about, then with the flashbacks and dreams you suddenly find out the true character of Red and then I soon found myself falling in love with him. Glimpses of his childhood, especially the bond with his brother really touched my heart. Seeing how he met and fell in love with wife gave me such an uplifting story and his love for her shine so brightly.
I enjoyed the nature aspect of the book too, it was thrilling and exciting seeing Red out in the wilderness, bonding with his loyal animals.
I don’t want to give away any spoilers, just to say that I adored this cleverly written and emotionally charged story so much. It was an epic journey and I loved travelling with Red and his animals very much indeed!

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah

Such an emotional story!
Completely captured my imagination and was impossible to put down!
Just so incredibly heart rending it had me in tears on many occasions.
Such an epic story that was so well written and with characters you took to your heart.

So that’s my choices shared!

Looking forward to another wonderful year ahead reading wise, and supporting authors with publication parties 🎉 and reviews for their books 📖

Remember, the best way to thank an author for their hard work is to review and recommend their books! It’s great to share the book love ❤️ far and wide!

Happy New Year 🥳 everyone! Hoping for a happy, healthy and contented year ahead 💜

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