2021 What a year!

The Three Amigos meet at last!

2021 has been a funny old year, it certainly had its difficulties, so it would be only too easy to dwell on the negative things that we lived through, however there were many things that happened that were simply wonderful, so I am going to concentrate on those special moments!

My happy place!

Firstly I am still completely ecstatic with how our fantastic book group has grown and evolved since it’s creation back in April 2020. The brain child of Fiona, it has just become such an important and special part of my life. It was started during those first few dark weeks of the original lockdown, set up to bring readers together to chat about all things Heidi Swain and it has just grown into this gorgeous friendly environment, where friendships have began and prospered. It’s also where we get to hold our publication day parties, to introduce the new books from our resident group authors ( very early on Heidi decided to add the ‘and friends’ part to the group, to share her space with other authors, because you know, sharing is caring! And Heidi is one of the most supportive people that I know ❤️) This past year we have celebrated with 20 parties 🎉 and we have had so much fun along the way! We are looking forward to next years celebrations 🍾, and as I write this the first one is being prepared for already! 🎈🎉

Oh my goodness, my name in a book dedication, I cannot express how thrilled this made Fiona and I!

Another highlight was having Underneath the Christmas Tree dedicated to Fiona and I. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined this to happen! Several months later and I’m still pinching myself!

Together at last!

In August after over a year of collaboration, I finally got to meet up with my spiritual sister! I can’t tell you how special it felt to hug Fiona (and Heidi) it’s a day that I won’t forget in a hurry! It was a mad dash across Norwich, in the pouring rain with my stupid phone directions sending me around in circles but I arrived at the cathedral exactly at the same time as the others, serendipitous as always!

And the sun ☀️ came out to greet us too!

Throughout the year lots of my lovely author friends have included me in their acknowledgments, and for these I am always so grateful. I love being part of the background team, supporting authors with early reads and reviews and celebrating their releases. It’s something that I will never grow tired from doing! Sharing the book love 💕 is part of my life now!

My signed book collection continues to grow!

I’m so incredibly fortunate to have received lots of signed books too this year, some from America 🇺🇸 and Australia 🇦🇺 I treasure these so much ❤️

I love seeing stuff pop up my Facebook timeline too! This made me chuckle, especially because Mabel got a name check too! 🐕
One of my favourite words ❤️

And finally Fiona gifted me this blog, and has encouraged me every step of the way. Heidi too is encouraging me to journal 📓 I’m not quite sure how (or why) these beautiful, kind and thoughtful women came into my life but I’m eternally grateful for the twist of fate that sent them my way! A whole host of wonderful friends from the group are now part of my life (Swainettes forever 💕) and it’s all down to that serendipitous moment when I commented on a Heidi Swain post almost two years ago! 💙

So Happy New Year 🥳 and here’s to more bookish fun and games in the coming months. I hope your shelves are always full of fantastic books, your hearts are filled with friendships and love and that joy is always in your lives 💚

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