❄️ Senses of Snow ❄️

Floating feathery flakes of snow falling down,
A mesmerising sight as they swirl all around,
The satisfying crunch of newly laid snow,
Beneath your boots, when outside you go,
To explore this new winter wonderland place,
Smelling the crisp air, snow falls like fine lace,
Tasting a snowflake, landed on a hot tongue,
Reminds you of winters when you were young,
That tingling ache from touching the snow,
The icy winds that made your nose all a glow.
The sense of wonder that snow can still bring,
Lifts up souls and makes hearts start to sing.
No longer a child, yet the excitement is there,
Longing for snowstorms to happen this year.

Mabel enjoying the snow ❄️

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