Happy Heavenly Birthday Mum ❤️

Remembering my mum on her birthday 💕

Wishing you much love today dear mum,
This poem is to say thanks for all that you’ve done,
For all the care that you have given to me,
You made my childhood the best it could be.
It was filled with happy times and lots of fun,
A host of lovely memories, it has become,
Remember the rat that I wouldn’t let go,
Playing with my brothers, out in the snow,
Holidays at the beach, swimming all day long,
Looking out for me, you taught right from wrong,
The rag doll you made, with love for Christmas Day,
The knicker-less dance around that pole in May!
You gave me the gift, to love to read,
Your dedication has taught me to succeed,
Now I’m a mum too, I hope I will be,
As wonderful and patient as you were with me.

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