The Legacy of Halesham Hall by Jenni Keer

I agree 100% with Heidi! Such a fantastic and gripping story.

Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, and I also love a duel timeline story too, so this gorgeous book by Jenni Keer ticked many of my things I enjoy in a book list!

Some intriguing characters and an interesting story, I soon lost myself in this book, finding myself changing my opinion of the characters as I delved into their sometimes troubled history.

My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

Such a interesting and intriguing story, the surprises and twists kept me avidly reading along.
I enjoy duel timelines, and this one was no exception. There were many times when I gasped with surprise, or found myself changing my opinion on the characters! This book certainly kept me on my toes!
Without giving any spoilers away, I can say that I didn’t guess the outcome at all! I enjoyed watching Phoebe attempt to work out the riddles and find out her own history, linked to the Hall. It’s true, not all things are as the seem on first sight!
Cleverly written and with characters that you may find odious one moment, then likeable the next, it’s all in their backstories that unfold as you read.

Book 📖 blurb 🧩♟🎲

‘A compelling gothic feast of a novel full of intrigue, secrets and passion’ RACHEL HORE

‘A fiendishly clever book with as many twists and turns as the mysterious Halesham Hall itself’ SARAH STEELE

Solve the house’s puzzle. Claim the Bellingham inheritance . . . Uncover the truth behind the mysterious legacy of Halesham Hall in this page-turning dual-time novel from the author The Secrets of Hawthorn Place, perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley and Kate Morton.

‘Incredibly satisfying . . . The twists and turns were so cleverly plotted and kept me guessing throughout. Just fabulous!’ CHRISTINA COURTENAY

‘A compelling and intriguing read. Full of surprises, secrets and riveting revelations!’ HEIDI SWAIN

‘A superbly atmospheric mystery full of dark secrets and clever games which kept me guessing until the very end. I loved it!’ CLARE MARCHANT

‘Captivating, intriguing and compelling. Full of mystery, twists and turns that kept me enthralled to the final page. I absolutely loved it!’ ROSIE HENDRY

‘Twisty, atmospheric and full of secrets . . . A wonderful setting, characters that leap from the page and a storyline that never fails to intrigue make this one to remember’ CELIA ANDERSON

Early readers love it!

‘With a fantastic dual timeline (which I love) I was completely immersed in this extremely well plotted, well written tale . . . I absolutely loved it!!’

‘This was a couldn’t-put-it-down kind of book for me’

‘Wow this book did not disappoint at all, full of twists and turns with games and a complex treasure hunt along the way’

‘Jenni Keer is a fantastic author’

‘Wonderful descriptions [and] a few twists and turns, weaving the past and present. Jenni Keer is a fabulous storyteller’

A love that seems lost, may still yet be found, for real love always endures.

1890. One summer evening changes everything for Sidney and Leonard Bellingham when their beloved mother disappears from the family home, Halesham Hall. Left with their bitter father, they are taught to trust no one but themselves, with brother pitted against brother to see who is worthy of inheriting the Bellingham Board Games company. But the series of twisted games they are forced to play will have far reaching consequences.

1920. Phoebe Bellingham arrives at Halesham Hall determined to solve the puzzles that will allow her to claim back the Bellingham inheritance. But this legacy involves more than one secret, and soon Phoebe realises that the stakes are higher than she ever could have imagined.

More warm acclaim for Jenni Keer’s dual-timeline novels:

Acclaim for Jenni Keer:

‘Gorgeous! Exuberant writing, convincing, adorable characters’ TRACY REES

‘An intriguing dual timeline tale that weaves together interesting characters and history’ BELLA OSBORNE

‘An epic love story, mixed with gorgeous settings, a great deal of mystery and intrigue’ KIM NASH

‘A marvellous dual-time novel filled with mystery, fabulous detail and an enduring love story’ MADDIE PLEASE

‘A wonderful, page-turning story full of intrigue and romance’ VICTORIA CONNELLY

‘A beautifully written timeslip . . . Highly recommended. Five stars’ ERIN GREEN

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