My Blog Post for Rainbows Over Puddleduck Farm

Such a fantastic book filled with adorable animals and interesting characters.
I enjoy books set in the veterinary field as that’s my line of work, and this one was excellently written with much care to show the true side of this work.
Some mysteries to ponder and a love triangle, it certainly kept my interest throughout!
My review follows the book blurb

Rainbows Over Puddleduck Farm
Don’t dream your life, live your dreams….
Phoebe Dashwood is a passionately committed vet who’s living the dream. She’s about to open her own small animal practice at her grandmother’s animal shelter, Puddleduck Farm in the New Forest.

Phoebe is helped by her two oldest friends. Her best friend Tori is a mix of hard-headed journalist and hopeless romantic, who thinks love will conquer all when she finds the right man!

Then there is Sam, Phoebe’s staunchest ally, whose integrity and selflessness mean he would do anything to make Phoebe happy, no matter what the cost to himself.

Very soon Phoebe discovers that fantasy and reality don’t quite match.

An unscrupulous bunny breeder, a poisoned stream, and a complicated attraction all conspire to throw her dreams in a spin.

Events come to a shocking climax at the New Forest Show where Phoebe’s world is turned upside down and she has to make some life changing decisions.

What everyone is saying about Puddleduck Farm:

‘A delightful story, full of fun and animal drama!’ Jo Bartlett

‘A beautifully written, gentle story about self-acceptance, family and friendship.’ Sarah Bennett

‘Puddleduck Farm will find its way into your heart – a wonderfully cosy read!’ Fay Keenan

‘A warm, delightful read full of friendship and family with a touch of love on the horizon … I can’t wait to see what happens next at Puddleduck Farm!’ Helen Rolfe

‘Heart-warming, filled with engaging characters and a delightful cast of animals. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Puddleduck Farm!’ Jill Steeples

My 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇 review

As I work in the veterinary field I was keen to read this book and I was impressed with the quality of the writing, especially relating the the rabbit storyline.
I always enjoy watching book characters starting up new businesses and changing their lives so having one that featured my career was very fun to read!
The love triangle was interesting and the mystery of the poisoned stream added an extra element to the story.
Likeable characters and some emotional elements made this an engaging story.
I will definitely want to know what happens next!

Della Galton

Della Galton is the bestselling author of several romantic comedies set around the Dorset beaches and the beautiful New Forest. Her stories feature strong female friendship, quirky characters and very often the animals she loves. 

When she is not writing she enjoys walking her dogs around the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Find out more about Della Galton, her books, speaking engagements & workshops, on her website,

Link to Amazon Rainbows Over Puddleduck Farm: A BRAND NEW uplifting romantic read from Della Galton for 2023

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  1. Thank you again for being part of my blog tour and everything. xxxxx


  2. thank you so much for being part of my blog tour and for everything else xxxx


    1. It was a huge pleasure!


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