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Such a gorgeous book filled with family moments and sunshine. A perfect read to brighten your days ☀️
My review follows the book blurb.

Summer on the French Riviera
Jennifer Bohnet

Book 📖 blurb 🏖️
A family reunited after a twenty-year estrangement, will discover secrets that change their lives forever…
The brand new escapist summer read from international bestseller Jennifer Bohnet!

Gabriella Jacques, is happy to be back in her childhood home, Villa Espoir in the South of France ready to embrace fresh experiences with friends new and old and to heal some deep family scars.

Recently widowed Harriet Rogers, hopes to rebuild her family life and reconnect with Elodie, the daughter she abandoned into her mother Gabby’s care to follow her heart. But when an acquaintance from the past seeks her out, Harriet fears a secret
from her past will ruin her plans.

Elodie Jacques, adores her new life in her Grandmothers old home as a freelance journalist. Her relationship with her mother is tense as she struggles to understand why her mother won’t talk to her about the past, as until their past is resolved, there
can be no future.

Will these three women, all living under the same roof after two decades adrift be able to put aside the past and find harmony in the present together?

My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

Such a lovely read based in a gorgeous setting.
I really liked having the three different generations living together and discovering their histories and back stories. It was interesting seeing them come back together as a family.
The romance part was well written and kept my interest throughout. And I was very intrigued with what had happened with Harriet in her past, that resulted in her leaving her daughter in her mother’s care all those years ago.
A fun and at times emotional story that was filled with hope for the future happiness of this lovely family.

Jennifer Bohnet is the international bestselling author of sixteen novels, including ‘Villa of Sun and Secrets’ and ‘A Riviera Retreat’. Jennifer’s stories usually span the generations with characters ranging in age and having to cope with unexpected problems in their lives – but there is always a hopeful ending, even if there are tears before. Living in France for over twenty years she has happily adapted to the French lifestyle including the long lunches with friends and the wine. 

To find out more about Jennie visit her website: http://goo.gl/xviqQp 

Follow her on her FaceBook page: goo.gl/PDKQ8D 

Or chat to her on Twitter: @jenniewriter

Link to AmazonSummer on the French Riviera: The BRAND NEW escapist summer read from international bestseller Jennifer Bohnet for 2023 https://amzn.eu/d/hWRiki7

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