Happy Publication Day Bettina Hunt! 📖🎉🥳🍾🥂

I absolutely loved this book! 💗

It’s the perfect story about an imperfect (but utterly fabulous) person!!

Heartwarming and humorous, this is an amazing uplifting tale of self discovery.

Book 📖 blurb

Cute and clumsy bumps into train man in a meet-cute that readers have described as ‘brilliant.’ She’s been asking the question, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ He holds the answer, but will knowing the truth change anything?

When perennially clumsy thirty-something,Olivia, falls into the arms of a stranger, she thinks nothing of it, after all, this sort of thing happens to her all the time. You see ordinary, everyday, tasks that other people seem to manage with ease have always been a struggle for Olivia so over the years she’s developed coping strategies. And, if they don’t work, well she can always rely on her friendly support network to help her out, right?

But when a new boss arrives at the advertising agency where she works, Olivia’s forced out of her comfort zone and fighting to prove herself.

And when Caspar, the mysterious and perfectly together stranger who saved her life, begins appearing everywhere she goes, she can’t help wondering, could she also be falling in love?

Not your (neuro) typical boy meets girl story.

A Girl Like Me is a romantic comedy that celebrates the power of love, the beauty of differences and the courage to be yourself, flaws and all.

My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

Such a brilliant and heartwarming story, it’s filled with some great characters.
It’s so refreshing to read about non perfect people, it was wonderful to follow Olivia as she struggles with her life.
The story of her discoveries was fascinating and I was rooting for her so much!
It has many moments of humour, and some really emotional moments too, it was entertaining and informative and was very sensitively written.
A great book that captured my imagination and won my heart. Just a beautiful piece that shows that even with her difficulties Olivia could achieve her ambitions and was a fabulous person, friend and incredibly successful in her field.
I love positive books that highlight people who are seen as different to others. It helps break down walls and allows us to understand and identify with people who are seen as different to the majority.
This book achieves this perfectly and is so entertaining in the process too! Win win!

About the author

Bettina Hunt lives in the East of England with her husband and two young sons. She writes uplifting romantic comedies and women’s fiction with fun and relatable heroines. 

An avid reader from a very young age she wrote her first story whilst in primary school and was invited to take it into reception and read it to the class. The positive feedback she received that day made her aspire to be an author and that childhood dream is now a reality.

Bettina loves comedy, cocktails and afternoon tea. She can’t dance but loves to sing. She does all her own stunts but rarely intentionally. She has dyspraxia and is on a mission to raise awareness of what it’s like to have this condition, starting with her latest fiction novel – A Girl Like Me.

You will find her on all the usual social media channels where she’d love to hear from you.

Link to Amazon A Girl Like Me: The most uplifting and heartwarming romantic comedy you’ll read this year https://amzn.eu/d/5n0l0WU

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